At PepsiCo, our passion is to help you by bringing more delight to the lives of your shoppers. With the world's largest portfolio of billion-dollar food and beverage brands—we have the tools, resources and brain power to deliver incremental growth—and smiles.

Identifying consumer demand in revolutionary ways. Freely sharing data with each other. It's what drives us. It's what drives smiles.

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Developing blockbuster ideas that drive shopper loyalty. New ingredients. Innovative packaging. More amazement.

Speeding up the supply chain. Connecting our businesses with real-time data. Improving in-stock conditions and reducing non-productive system inventory. Millions of touch points. More thank-yous.

Contact us today and let PepsiCo's Demand Analytics help you succeed in today's new demand-driven economy.

Times, as they always do, are changing. And they'll change for the better for companies that transform along with them. Today, for manufacturers like us and retailers like you, it no longer makes sense to depend on the "if you build it, they will come" mind-set of traditional supply and demand.

Successful companies are embracing a new paradigm of "demand and supply"—where a true understanding of consumer choice leads to a better understanding and implementation of category demand creation. In simplest terms, success will come from knowing what pleases your shoppers and then creating the right product, the right package, the right suggested price, and the right communication, so that your total proposition aligns with their demand.

Looking toward a new future together, we're ready to talk to you about attributes that drive category demand. We're ready to show you how we can better communicate at the shelf, within ads, on the package and more. And we're ready to demonstrate how we can customize solutions to meet the needs of your shoppers—and how those solutions will affect your growth and the success of your company.

PepsiCo's Demand Analytics is a new, proprietary method from PepsiCo that unites several tried-and-true analytic platforms to offer you better insights into customer demand, resulting in potential increased incremental sales and profitability. Plus, using Demand Analytics can help you determine not just today's demand, but where demand will be tomorrow.

Adaptive Innovation Modeling

AIM is a unique survey tool that guides prospective consumers into revealing exactly which attributes add value to a new product and make it perfect for them. This critical information leads to the creation of products that are much more consumer-centric and, as a result, more desirable. AIM can be applied to any type of product in any kind of setting and customized to any consumer segment, from shoppers in particular places to specific demographic sub-groups.

PepsiCo Pack Price

PepsiCo Pack Price (P3) uses the latest analytical tools and techniques to understand shoppers' real-world responses to changes in the marketplace. It's designed to be the most accurate solution anywhere for understanding, anticipating and influencing shopper behavior in emerging and developed markets. Ultimately, P3 eliminates guesswork and reliance on models not rooted in reality.

4P's (Product Distribution, Pack Price, Placement, Promotion)

4P's allows a detailed dissection of an opportunity regarding demographics, the competitive landscape and other critical factors, giving us an accurate hypothetical basis for testing. Plus, it's an automated, template-based process that can be quickly tailored to your specific retail needs.


PepsiCo Demand Analytics is a service designed for our mutual success. If you would like to learn more, contact your PepsiCo Insights Representative.

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At PepsiCo, we're not just creating blockbuster, new products. We're creating smiles.

We've listened to your shoppers, uncovering deeper insights using the resources, technology and brain power that no other food and beverage company can match. Consumer demands are evolving by the minute, and PepsiCo's innovations are delivering the solutions they will be seeking today—and tomorrow. The result? More delighted shoppers. Healthier sales.

Trading our shopper knowledge with yours, we've uncovered exactly what your shoppers are seeking:

  • Options made with real ingredients that taste great
  • Positive nutrition cues that help us make smarter choices
  • Products that help your shopper discover new experiences
  • Better-for-you choices that don't sacrifice taste, variety or convenience

Now PepsiCo has developed an array of products that promise to change the landscape of grocery stores. Bold. Smart. Catchy. Delicious. We've added ingredients shoppers are seeking. And we've searched the globe to create products as delicious as they are unique. Not simply food, but an experience. Because shopping at your store should be an experience too.

Here's a taste of PepsiCo's latest innovations:

Smartfood® Selects:

These fresh-tasting, light-textured snacks are what your shoppers are asking for. Smartfood® Selects snacks provide SMART combinations of REAL herbs and spices—meaning that select ingredients have been paired to create perfectly complementary, unforgettably delicious flavors.

Simply Natural:

There are no preservatives, no added colors and no artificial flavors in these snacks—just all-natural ingredients, great taste and satisfaction packed inside every bag.

Olive Coast:

Transport your taste buds with Olive Coast Potato Chips. These incredibly delicious, all-natural kettle-cooked potato chips have sophisticated, mouthwatering flavors inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Made with 100% olive oil and all-natural ingredients, you'll find a passport to authentic Mediterranean taste inside every bag.


Treat your shoppers to the finest of juices with Reduced Calorie Smoothies, Flavored Coconut Water, and Fruit & Veggie juices.


Great-tasting juice with 50% less calories and sugar. Shoppers were so delighted, we have expanded the line to Trop50® Red Orange and Trop50® Juice+Tea Infusions. Plus, convenient new packaging for shoppers on the go.

Pepsi Next®:

Full cola taste. 60% less sugar. For your valued shoppers who are resistant to diet colas, yet are concerned about their sugar intake, Pepsi Next® has arrived.


The art of tea. Premium quality, distinctive flavors and herbal infusions. Quite simply, a tea lover's dream.


Sparkling beverage that actually delivers 2 servings of fruit in a 12 oz. bottle! No preservatives. No added sugar. Just what your shoppers are asking for.

SOBE® Lifewater®:

SOBE® Lifewater® with Coconut Water brings unique and extra-refreshing flavors and 80 calories per bottle (20 oz.).
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Meeting shoppers' needs with exciting new products is what successful innovation is all about. And now more than ever, PepsiCo's slate of offerings truly delivers.

More growth opportunities for your business; more on-trend products that consumers are demanding. Tasty additions. Smarter selections. Convenient solutions.

We've launched a delicious wholesome new cookie crafted from an iconic brand found in cupboards across America. We've added even more to a soft drink this generation can't get enough of. And we've introduced an invigorating new twist from a global coffee giant. But this is only the beginning.

Here is a taste of PepsiCo's recent product innovations and the ensuing business results:

Delivered for Shoppers

A breakthrough innovation within the category. Real cola taste with 60% less sugar than regular Pepsi-Cola®. It's the classic flavor shoppers thirst for, while also meeting their evolving preferences.

Delivered at Retail

Pepsi NEXT energized the carbonated soft drink category with 41% of its sales reflecting incremental growth. Pepsi NEXT continued to move the needle with 1.1% incremental growth of sales to the liquid refreshment beverage category. (PepsiCo LRB Model; Symphony IRI Group 10 Weeks Ending 9/25/2011 vs. YAG)

Delivered for Shoppers

RUFFLES® deepest ridges ever—TWICE as deep—to load up with bold, real-food dips. Created in scrumptious "man" flavors that help guys take their game day experience to the next level. Everyone's dipping into the ultimate scooping chip.

Delivered at Retail

Since the launch in May 2012, RUFFLES® Ultimate brought an impressive 21.3% new users into the brand. 2.7% of that total were completely new to the brand, and 18.6% were existing users purchasing more. (dunnhumby Data, incrementality at 12 weeks, 8/2/2012)

Delivered for Shoppers

A premium oatmeal experience created for on-the-go oatmeal lovers. Packed with wholesome multi-grains and chunks of real fruit and nuts, and packaged in an utterly convenient form. It's Quaker® goodness as never before.

Delivered at Retail

Quaker® Real Medleys® are going strong and on target to bring in $25MM (IRI ILD, MULO, YTD w/e July 1 2012) while driving 35% incremental growth. (dunnhumby Shop: Where are my sales coming from, 9 wks ending 5/5/2012)

Delivered for Shoppers

Natural green coffee extract. Real fruit juice. Pure energy. 75% of consumers are saying they've never experienced anything in the marketplace quite like this groundbreaking product. It's hitting the 'sweet' spot for shoppers-an invigorating beverage infused with delicious flavor. And it's a launch that could only come from the brand that keeps you going. (Refreshers Purchaser Follow-up Study -- Attitude Measurement Corp., November 2011)

Delivered at Retail

75% of consumers found Refreshers very/extremely different from anything else in the marketplace. And as a result 67% will continue buying traditional coffee/coffee energy hybrid drinks. (Source: Refreshers Purchaser Follow-up Study -- Attitude Measurement Corp., November 2011.)

Delivered for Shoppers

DORITOS® have never been this Jacked! 40% bigger in size and thickness to scoop up all types of dips. Consumers are amped up about the one-two punch of intense flavors—Enchilada Supreme & Smoky Chipotle BBQ—followed by a twist of spice or tanginess. A DORITOS® lover's dream with an unforgettable crunch.

Delivered at Retail

After sampling DORITOS® JACKED, 83% of consumers were already hooked, insisting they would buy the product. And 91% of people who purchased DORITOS® JACKED said they would re-purchase them. (Source: DORITOS® JACKED Assessor® STM, February 2012)

Delivered for Shoppers

Quaker® goodness has never been this satisfyingly delicious. Introducing cookies, baked to perfection with real fruit pieces, crunchy nuts and toasted whole grain oats. A huge success from an iconic favorite.

Delivered at Retail

Quaker® Cookies® are on track to bring in a substantial $45MM. (IRI ILD, MULO, YTD w/e July 1 2012). Quaker® Soft Raisin and Quaker® Soft Chocolate have quickly become a consumer favorite —ranked among the top 10 items in the Better For You Cookies category. ( IRI ILD, Total US Grocery, CYTD w/e 06/10/12, Top 30 BFY by $ sales re-ranked by u/s/w)

Delivered for Shoppers

Now brand-loyal Mountain Dew® enthusiasts can get the soft drink they swear by in a larger can and at a greater value. Exhilarating. Thirst-quenching. One of kind taste.

Delivered at Retail

The MTN DEW® 24 oz can saw 40% incremental growth in low BDI markets and a whopping 60% incremental growth in mid BDI markets (IRI Diff of Diffs study, 12 wks ending 4/22/12 vs. 12 wks ending YAG).


PepsiCo's powerful insights into ever-evolving consumer demand, coupled with your knowledge and expertise, enables us to create the innovation that your shoppers are seeking. Big ideas people are eating up to deliver the growth your business deserves. Partner with PepsiCo today.

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Gatorade Prime® Energy Chews delivers for athletes.
Now it delivers for you.

That means we'll be there for you more often, replenishing, merchandising, and driving business. Gatorade Prime® Energy Chews are designed for athletes–like Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton–and will consistently be at the fingertips of your customers for quick turnaround. By utilizing PepsiCo's DSD system, this product is readily available–right now. Talk about a game changer.

Gatorade Prime® Energy Chews provide energy designed for athletes to be ready and start strong. They come in a convenient “on the go” sleeve and offer the right kind of carbohydrates to fuel athletic activity.

Prime Energy Chews were developed by the scientists at the Gatorade® Sports Science Institute in collaboration with athletes to meet their needs.


For more information on driving high-velocity sales with Gatorade Prime® Energy Chews, contact your local Gatorade/PepsiCo rep today or go to

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With a groundbreaking DSD system, everybody wins. Especially your shoppers.

Supply Chain isn't perfect. Which is exactly why PepsiCo set out to greatly improve it. We knew there must be a better way. A way to help you save valuable time, eliminate costly errors, amp up productivity, drive profitability and delight your shoppers by always having their favorite products freshly stocked—efficiently and affordably.

Every once in a great while comes a breakthrough in how manufacturers and retailers do business. That time is now.

Introducing PepsiCo's Advance Ship Notifications (ASN).

This system represents an enormous leap forward from the current DSD models. ASN-based DSD has been delivering amazing results for us, our participating retailers, and in turn, their valued shoppers.

Using our global intelligence, vast experience and deep resources, PepsiCo has pioneered ASN. We've made a significant investment in systems to process and certify ASN-based deliveries. And it's paying off for all of us. In fact, PepsiCo won the Supermarket News Supplier of the Year Award in 2011.

How ASN Works:
The Electronic Handshake that's shaking up the business.
  • An order is picked up at our warehouse and then double-checked for accuracy. A bar code known as the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is applied to each pallet, detailing the content of cases sitting on the pallet; and an ASN containing the SSCC data is sent via an EDI (electronic data interchange) to the retailer's headquarters and then to specific stores.
  • At each store, the order is delivered and brought to the back room; the receiver scans each SSCC bar code, confirming that its data matches the data in the ASN, thereby performing an "electronic handshake" and eliminating manual data entry.
  • The receiver may opt to audit the contents of pallets, recording the results in a scorecard, and the order goes to the shelf. Retailers can further support the process by comparing pre-delivery notifications against master data authenticated through data synchronization.
Why ASN Works:
  • By letting stores know in advance what products are on the way, and then electronically confirming that the delivery matches the advance notice, the ASN process is driving a significant amount of productivity for retailers and PepsiCo.
  • PepsiCo has reduced the time spent in-store to about 5 minutes from 35-50 minutes. That's hundreds of thousands of hours saved. Every minute we save in the back room, is time saved for you. Getting your shelves stocked and replenished faster. Your shoppers will be delighted to find that their favorite PepsiCo products are always stocked. They count on your store, and together, we will always deliver.
  • Improved efficiency allows you to redeploy backdoor receivers to other roles such as stocking.
  • You can immediately update your store's perpetual inventory, which is essential in monitoring out-of-stocks.
  • Perhaps most important, the ASN-based DSD process helps eliminate catastrophic errors by preventing large quantities of product from going astray. Accuracy is key to profitability.
SSCC Applied To Each Tote At The Distribution Center Delivery Arrives At The Store RSR Unloads Order To Backroom Receiver Scans SSCC & Checks Audit Status If No Audit, RSR Goes Directly To Shelf


PepsiCo always strives to bring innovation to the marketplace. From inventive new products and packaging that meet ever-changing shopper demand, to pioneering a groundbreaking ASN system that gets those products into the hands of your customers as quickly as possible.

Best of all, we want to partner with you so that this revolutionary new process meshes seamlessly with your own way of doing business. Get on board. Together we can eliminate non-productive costs. That way you can spend less time dealing with supply chain inefficiencies and more time investing in your business—and your valued customers.

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PepsiCo's 360° Retail Execution™, our Demand Driven Supply Network program, is not just reporting the score, it's changing the score—for you and your valued shoppers. From identifying actual and predictive stocking issues at the store level, to creating actionable tasks based on profitability impact, to increasing sales by improving merchandising effectiveness, this is a program built for success.

By sharing data with our customers we are achieving a much higher degree of supply chain precision and sales forecast accuracy. Growth opportunities are unlocked. The shopper experience is improved. Mutual profitability is elevated. And collaboration is the key.

Improving Visibility at the Shelf with Shelf Genius™

As part of our 360° Retail Execution™ platform, Shelf Genius™ has the unique functionality to transform your daily scans into real-time, fact-based information that we can mine from afar to expertly plan for shopper demand, and in turn, help you order exactly what you need, as you need it. It's offering new insights into selling patterns and promotional effectiveness. What used to be a grainy picture becomes laser-focused by connecting data with our trading partners in real time.

Mining for Profits

You scan the data. Shelf Genius crunches the numbers. What comes next is a root cause analysis of what's happening at your shelf and why. The positives and the negatives. Alert Flags that identify opportunities for improvement are fed to the handheld devices of our frontline and replenishment managers—enabling rapid response to your in-store conditions. Together we can help eliminate distribution voids and OOS, and maximize supply chain efficiency.

Yet it is your shoppers who will profit the most. Their favorite products and varieties in stock and at their freshest, with store level promotional insights on the programs that best fit their needs.

Enough talk, there is already a proven track record among early adopting retailing partners. As referenced in a recent Supermarket News article1 on a PepsiCo pilot, Scott Craig, director of supply chain for Delhaize America said, "These are staggering results." Let's look at those numbers:

  • DC inventory reduced between 12-27%
  • DC out of stocks cut 21-77%
  • Store OOS trimmed by 20%

PepsiCo is always striving to build upon our "new ways of working together" principles. It's our goal to provide you with the best service and support in the industry. More touch points coupled with the precision tools you need to succeed in today's ever-changing marketplace. PepsiCo has one of the largest data sharing programs in the world. And we are currently working with over 20 retailers on this groundbreaking program. Are you next? Join us today.

1 "Food Lion, PepsiCo Pilot Boosts Stock Levels," Supermarket News/Penton Media, 24 January 2012.

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